New Mexico Outreach is a non-profit organization organization that assists people in the community to connect with resources for themselves or their loved ones to meet their changing health and lifestyle needs.

Help Us Help Seniors in Your Community


~ Compassion for family and loved ones that are assisting seniors.
~ Always use integrity when providing education and resources to the Geriatric population, family and caregivers.
~ Relentless informed decision making when providing resources.
~ Excellence in follow through for seniors needs.


New Mexico Outreach is a non-profit organization whose members volunteer to help senior citizens in our communities. We are here to serve by connecting seniors to re- sources that exist or creating partnerships or providing resources when they don’t. Since we began, we have helped seniors with a variety of needs including medical concerns, transportation, home safety, and personal care.

In addition to the resources and information we provide, we have created the Bags of Hope program to fill the gap in senior citizens lives.

The city has programs for food for seniors in need but items such as toilet paper, shampoo, socks, and oral hygiene is not accessible. This leads to many seniors that can’t afford to care for themselves properly, which can result in health concerns.



To promote and support continuity of care as holistic health approach that is centered on the person and family to ensure their preventive, therapeutic,rehabilitative, custodial, non-medical, as well needs to a resource that already exists, but often our funding may be the only resource available to them and their families, especially in rural New Mexico. …


We serve the Seniors of New Mexico through our Outreach